Conference Themes

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Sub themes

Creative Ethiopia on Art History 

i. Paintings and Architecture of Ethiopia
ii. Manuscripts
iii. Art and Crafts (wood works in churches/ ceramics/ jewelry)
iv. Monuments and Statues
v. Consideration on the Future of Ethiopian Art
vi. Ethiopian Art History and Periodization
vii. Art and Everyday Life in Ethiopia
viii. Cultural Features in the Iconography of Photography and Films
ix. Musical Traditions and their Historical Developments

Creative Ethiopia on the History of Architecture
i. General History of Architecture in Ethiopia
ii. Architecture and Heritage Management
iii. Architectural History and the Future in Ethiopia
iv. Indigenous Architecture and Methodologies in Ethiopian Institutions
v. Labelling Ethiopian Architecture and Identity

Creative Ethiopia on Art, Architecture and Development
i. Linking Art and Development in Ethiopia
ii. Art, Architecture and Tourism in Ethiopia
iii. Mentoring Students of Art and Architecture in Ethiopia
iv. Art, Architecture and Legal Issues
v. The Influence of Theatrical Performance on Social Developments in Ethiopia
vi. Film and Photography as Medium for Artistic and Social Awareness in Ethiopia