Post conference excursion

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Attending this excursion can be done through the special registration form and by fulfilling the costs on the first day of the Conference. Suggested excursions are:

  • Post- conference excursion: Lalibella – Bahir-Dar (flight back from Bahir-dar or return to Mekelle) 3 days
  • Post – conference excursion: Lalibella – Gondor (flight back from Gondor or return to Mekelle) 5 days
  • Post – conference excursion: Gerealta – Axum –Mekelle 3 days
  • Post – conference excursion : Gerealta (wider spread churches and stay in region one night) 2 days

Costs for any of the excursion must be fulfilled on the first day of the conference (Monday 30 November)