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The 10th International Conference on the History of Arts & Architecture in Ethiopia (ICHAAE) will be held at Mekelle University, Ethiopia,

from November 30 – December 4, 2015,

funded by Mekelle University, Japan Foundation, Goethe Institut and U. S. Embassy.

The Conference has the aim to bring to the platform experience scholars as well as upcoming Ethiopian scholars that are part of the growing academic landscape in Ethiopia. The ICHAAE has a long tradition. It started in 1984 with an enthusiastic group of scholars. It is important that this enthusiasm and this important platform for Art & Architecture scholars will stay and grow.

The conference will give two parallel presentation platforms where Art and Architecture will get their places. The Arts will not only include the Ethiopian traditional paintings, handicrafts or cultural expressions, but also will include important historical documentation such as the photography and the film. We will look back in this conference on the scientific development in research methodology on Art and Architecture in Ethiopia that will be presented as an exhibition/ research (Goethe Institut). Museum developments that take place in Ethiopia will have to get a presentation as well as the relation between the architectural heritage and the arts that are part of buildings. Because of the expected numbers of students, the committee will not only focus on presentations, but will also do its best to organize workshops where presentations and practical experiences can be shared.

The other new element on this conference will be the possibility for students and young scholars to present their ideas in posters. An exhibition of these posters will be presented in one of the venues of the conference.
Beside the common program, participants and visitors have the opportunity to take part in excursions, where they can appreciate some of the arts and architectural heritages in Tigray. We will offer in-conference excursion (sponsored by the Goethe Institut) to Wuqro Museum, Geralta Lodge, and Abreha we Atshba.

The participants that are expected for this conference are highly respected researchers from Ethiopia and abroad.The conference is a good opportunity and experience for students and young scholars of History, Anthropology, Heritage, Architecture, Visual Arts, Theatre and Music from all universities in the region.

We hope to welcome you in Mekelle, Tigray in November and December 2015!

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